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The Time Attack discipline was born in Japan in the mid-sixties and has also found space in Italy. At the base, there is the idea of sharing the passion for the engines, measuring on the track with various types of cars in searching of the fastest lap 


Sharing its spirit, WD AUTOMOTIVE by Andrea Scorrano has decided to bring it to Italy, allowing all the fans to be able to compare with every type of car, making their days on the track unique and unforgettable.

Time attack includes fast laps on the track of road cars with mechanics and aerodynamics perfected by engine enthusiasts.

Cars derived from series production will be present, but with different levels of processing. Cars can have aspirated or turbo engines, front, rear or full wheel drive, semi-sliced or slick tires, modified axles and aerodynamic appendages. The main classes are Street, Pro, Pocket Rocket, Super 2000 and Extreme which gather hundreds of fans.

Browse the program of the Motor Legend Festival 2019

The best tuned cars will come to Motor Legend Festival in search of the fastest time on the track of the Misano World Circuit

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