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Motor legend festival tickets

Also this year for the sale campaign of Motor Legend Festival 2019 tickets we will collaborate with TicketOne portal, one of the most important platform in online ticketing industry

All tickets allow access to the central grandstand


info and availability

Friday entrance ticket


friday internal parking


Saturday entrance ticket

€ 15.00

Saturday internal parking

€ 8.00

Combo Saturday entrance + parking

€ 20.00 (max 300*)

Sunday entrance ticket

€ 15.00

sunday internal parking

€ 8.00

combo sunday entrance + parking

€ 20.00 (max 300*)

Combo saturday and sunday entrance

€ 25.00

Combo saturday and sunday entrance + parking

€ 35.00 (max300*)

(*) The Parking area for visitors inside the autodrome can accommodate a maximum of 350 cars. Therefore, more than 350 parking spaces per day can not be offered for sale (combo or daily tickets)

Special ticket “Hazzard: Legend Festival Rock and Cars”

Relive the emotions of the legendary show “The Dukes of Hazzard” with this special ticket that will allow you to meet the star of the TV show

In the reserved area “Hazzard” and at the parade “Hazzard in Track” you could meet some “original” characters of the famous television series.
In the two days will be organized shows (chases, extras, sketches, etc.), dedicated fast food area, display of all the replica cars inherent in the television series

The ticket also includes

• 2 Saturday and Sunday person pass with access to the paddock and the central grandstand
• 1 Saturday and Sunday car pass for the reserved area “Parking Hazzard” inside the paddock
• Saturday and Sunday free admission for two people in the reserved area “Hazzard”
• A  drink for two people in the reserved area “Hazzard”
• Free entry for two people to the Legend Festival Rock and Cars – Saturday night in reserved area “Hazzard”
• For participants with American original cars, opportunity to join the “Hazzard on Track” parade,  scheduled for Sunday with a lap of Misano track.

Ticket “Hazzard SPECIAL

€ 120.00

In addition to “hazzard” special ticket valid for two people, we give the possibility, only in case of combined sale, to purchase additional single tickets at the cost of € 60.00 by filling out the appropriate form available soon.

This single ticket does not give the access to reserved parking area

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