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Cars are wonderful machines. We use them to move or drive them by passion. They have made our life better in so many ways. Yet, if these machines are used without attention, they can be very dangerous. This is why Pilotiamo Driving School has been proposing and carrying out safe driving courses, sports driving and drifting for years.

In the paddock 1 of the Misano World Circuit, “Pilotiamo Driving School” will be available to visitors for safe driving tests and drifting. The clay track will instead be used for “flat track” driving tests.


Driving safely means being able to prevent the dangers rather than being able to overcome them behind the wheel. In emergency situations, we are all led to use instinct rather than reason and often this is what makes us even more wrong. The goal of the safe driving course is to learn to recognize emergency situations in advance and to improve your vehicle control skills in everyday driving. It is a training program lasting one day that alternates moments of theory in the classroom with practical experiences driving our cars.


Drifting originated in Japan as a clandestine race, the ability of drivers is not to be the fastest among the curves of a track, but the most spectacular. To be spectacular you must give the feeling of being so quick to lose control of the car anticipating entry into the corner by inserting the car in a skid and keeping it in continuous oversteer with the greater angle of yaw. Only rear wheel drive cars are used and the rider requires high sensitivity, reaction speed, fluidity of driving. Fun is guaranteed.


The “flat track” is born as a motorcycle competition and runs on dirt tracks with an oval shape. Unlike drifting, which is a spectacular race, in the flat track the winner is the one who gets stronger and arrives first. The bikes have no front brake and the only way to get into the corners after a straight is to brake by putting the bike sideways. Translating the concept to the four wheels, the Pista Flat Track course becomes an experience that combines the discipline of the rally and that of drifting, where the goal is to learn to keep the car sideways focusing on speed rather than the steering angle: the maximum essence of driving fun.

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