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At Motor Legend festival an icon of world motoring, the Ford Mustang, in the models that have made the history of the automobile


The Ford Mustang is a medium-sized and large US sports car produced by the US automaker Ford since 1964.

Strongly desired by the manager of the company of the time Lee Iacocca, could be considered a small muscle car equipped with a 2.8-liter engine displacement, providing a power of 105 hp.

Since then, Ford has produced six different series of this beloved car all over the world, leaving its “american style” charm intact over time. And each series has left its mark not only in the history of motoring but also in the cinema.

Some examples. The car that Tarantino immortalizes in a yellow version in the movie “Grindhouse – A Proof of Death” is a 1972 Ford Mustang Coupe, first series. In 1984 Jeff Bridgens and Karen Allen are on the run on a Ford Mustang II Cobra II (second series) in the film “Starman” by John Carpenter. In 1988 it’s up to Bruce Willis to see his Ford Mustang GT Convertible explode (third series) at the tenth minute of the movie “The Last Boy Scout”. We are in 2003 and in the film “Hollywood Homicide” Harrison Ford whizzes on his Ford Mustang Saleen S-281 Speedster (this series). The Ford Shelby Mustang GT 500 (fifth series) is the car that Nicolas Cage uses in the blockbuster “Out of 60 Seconds” in 2014. When in 2014 comes out the movie “Need for Speed” on screen the protagonists whiz on a Ford Mustang GT Coupé (sixth series).

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The Ford Mustang is one of the best-selling products in the global automotive industry, imitated by many manufacturers and still in production. Its original structure derived from the Ford Falcon

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