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The home of Motor Legend Festival 2019

The circuit and its history

Misano circuit was designed in 1969 (3,488 meters) and has always been managed by private individuals. The sport activity began after three years from its planning. The facilities consisted only in small open spaces and a building used exclusively for other services.

Since 1972 Misano World Circuit is the beating heart of an area madly passionate about everything that runs fast. Two and four wheels, trucks and in recent years also rallies and flat tracks: for decades the circuit has exalted the show of motorsport, hosting and organizing events for an audience of over 600,000 people from all over the world.
It’s a fantastic story that was born in 1972 with sports activities, keeping the original circuit of 3.488 mt. designed three years before, on which for almost twenty years unforgettable emotions have been lived.

At the beginning of the 90s, a renovation program started, which in successive phases, has guaranteed the availability of an increasingly efficient system. In 1993 the track is stretched to 4,060 meters, with the chance of using two versions of the circuit, ‘long’ and ‘short’; the next step was the construction of a building with new pits, technical assistance and representative rooms, and a large press room of about 600 square meters.

In the years 1996 and 1997 the second phase of the completion of the building and the pit is implemented.

In 1998 the paddock area was expanded to reach an area of 40,000 square meters. In 2001 the construction of the 1st lot for 5,000 seats was completed.
In 2005 Misano World Circuit, a circuit that has always been privately owned, started a radical restructuring and modernization program: a new main entrance of the circuit was created and in 2006 was born the new medical center, an area of 300 square meters which ideally represents the scrupulous and historical attention of the racetrack to safety issues.
At the end of 2006 the circuit is equipped with a new racetrack, even more beautiful and safe, able to host motoring events at the highest world level. In record time, in just five months, and completed in January 2007, work is carried out on the track, stretched to 4,180 meters with the inversion of the direction of travel (now clockwise), but also on the structural parts.
The entrances to the circuit become four, the stands increase their capacity to over 23,000 seats, the press room has been renewed and expanded to 320 stations. Together with these works the official name of the circuit has changed, becoming ‘Misano World Circuit’.

At the beginning of 2008 other modernization works: a new pit lane of about 250 meters long is created, then a new track entrance with a modification of the ‘variante del rio’, which becomes more accentuated. The circuit changes to the current length of 4,226 meters.
At the end of the straight, in one of the most spectacular points, another 3,000-seat grandstand, called ‘Brutapela’, is built, which also acts as an anti-noise barrier.
The plant reaches the current capacity of 75,000 visitors, of which 26,000 on the stands. The plant also hosts night races, thanks to a modern artificial lights system composed of 17 lighthouse towers, equipped with an autonomous generator.

After the disappearance at Sepang of the popular ‘Sic’, who started his motorcycle career in Misano, in 2012 the circuit received its new name: ‘Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli’.
At the end of 2014, the plant added a new proposal for motorsports enthusiasts with the Flat Track MWC Arena, a non-asphalted track built inside the racetrack with a length of over 1000 meters and dedicated to use for motorcycles and cars. The Arena hosts national and international competitions and is home to many training camps for many motor champions.
At the beginning of 2015, concurrently with the complete re-expansion of the international track and the construction of two new connections, the MWC track took on a modular appearance and the 4226 mt of the circuit now offers the possibility of proposing two new versions of the circuit to satisfy further sport and commercial needs.
Thus the ‘Brutapela Track’, from 986 mt, was born, positioned close to the homonymous tribune that warms the fan in the greatest world competitions. The Brutapela Track occupies the Rio area and the Variante del Parco with its seven turns. The second track that can be obtained has been called ‘3.5 Track’, is 3,211 meters long with nine turns. The prerogative that springs to mind is the great visibility guaranteed for those who occupy the stands of the straight and along the circuit along the bend and on the lawn.
Now Misano World Circuit offers an unmatchable overall offer. Five tracks available: the two just made, the Flat Track Arena inaugurated at the beginning of 2015 and already a point of reference for the lovers of Track Racing and for the training of the great champions of the two wheels, as well as a protagonist in the weekend of other official races; finally, the international track and the test track.
But the Misano circuit is always at work. In view of Tim Grand Prix of San Marino and the Rivera di Rimini, two new grandstands have been set up: the Misanino Tribune, which allow excellent visibility on one of the most spectacular sections of the Circuit, the so-called “Curvone” and the Tramonto Tribuna.
With these interventions the capacity of Misano World Circuit exceeds 100,000.
MWC has distinguished itself in recent years for its attention to social issues, from road safety to environmental sustainability.
In particular, as regards the environment, the KiSS Misano-Keep it Shiny and Sustainable program has been promoted since 2016, a series of initiatives to raise awareness among public, teams and drivers on the importance of adopting sustainable behavior in a social and environmental sense. On the occasion of the Grand Prix of San Marino and the Rimini Riviera, a communication plan was launched that invited the public to come to the circuit using public transport, car pooling and bicycles.
Moreover, thanks to agreements with public and private mobility operators, facilitations have been provided for the use of trains, bus-shuttles, taxis, alternatively or in combination with the use of private vehicles. These initiatives have been added to those already prepared by the Misano World Circuit to facilitate access for people with disabilities. Another goal of KiSS Misano was to stimulate the public who will assist the Grand Prix to carry out the separate collection of waste, to keep the environment clean, to counter the phenomenon of littering (waste abandonment) and food waste.

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