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HAve you ever drove a Harley? For Motor Legend Festival it makes no difference! Come and see the bikes or have a chat with people who have turned a dream into reality. Come and have a look, everyone is welcome!

At the stand organized by the Harley-Davidson Motorfan dealership of Riccione in the paddock 2 of the racetrack it will be possible to book demo ride with the fantastic Harley-Davison that all, sooner or later, have dreamed of driving!


Harley-Davidson deeply unites people all over the world, thanks to the passion and authentic spirit that distinguish it. In all countries and in all cities, H-D ideals of freedom and self-expression unite people with different cultures, genres and ages. Being recognized as an iconic brand is really gratifying, but to unleash people in the endless streets of the world is Harley-Davidson’s passion.

The Harleysts have different stories. But what everyone has in common, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, is the love of freedom and the sense of adventure, inspired by the values that Harley-Davidson represents: independence, authenticity and passion for motorcycles.

The challenge of Harley-Davidson aims to train the next generation of motorcyclists worldwide. This is why the H-D world welcomes all those who share these values and who wish to enjoy life on a motorcycle.

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