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Accreditation Procedures

Following the necessary  procedures and information to request accreditation for press and media

All media requests of accreditation must be send by e-mail to by April 17, 2019. No request will be accepted after this deadline.


The request is made up of two different documents:


– Press Accreditation form (to be thoroughly filled in)

– Application letter (Formal request)


  • Formal requests should be made on the publication/photo agency or freelance letterhead requesting accreditation and must be signed by the Chief Editor (where applicable)).
  • The letter must include the name(s) of the person(s) that will cover the event specifying whether it is a journalist or a photographer (or other) and a copy of his/her professional card (if applicable) details of the publication (national, regional or local, circulation and so on) should be given, and in case of photoagencies or freelancers they must give details of publications they work for. In case of TVs or radios the request must include a short presentation.,. A contact e-mail and telephone number should always be mentioned. A passport-size photo should also be attached. The commitment to publish a report or photos must also be included.
  • All requests must include copies of published articles and/or photos
  • The Accreditation Form is to be filled in and sent together with the formal request and completed with all the information required.



In addition to what stated above, web sites must supply traffic statistics and the following details must be provided in PDF format from an official source (such as Google Analytics): monthly visits,  monthly unique visitors, monthly pages viewed, URL, date the site was launched.


N.B. The prerequisites for the requests to be accepted are:

– Observation of the deadline

– provide all the information required

– commitment to publish a report or picture and send it to

– adequate circulation and quality of the publication/web site


form on its own will not be considered as a request for accreditation.


For any further information you may need you can send an email to or call Sandra Strazzari: +39 338 9607060.


Confirmation of accreditation will be sent in due course from the Motor Legend Festival Press Office


Download the Form

Download the Procedures

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