Group N: series tourism
– Class N3 up to 1600 cc
– Class N4 up to 2000 cc
– Class N5 over 2000 cc

Group A: elaborate tourism
– Class A3 up to 1600 cc
– Class A4 up to 2000 cc
– Class A5 over 2000 cc


Roll-bar – Roll cage
– The original protective structure is permitted as long as it is indicated as such in the sports documents of the car

Seat belts
– The preparation of the car with safety belts conforming to the Art. 253.6 of the current Annex J is required. In the configuration with 2 shoulder straps and 2 abdominals, there must be two points of attachment to the body for the abdominal shoulder straps, and two, or better, a single attachment point, symmetrical to the seat, for the shoulder straps. The seat belts can not be changed in any way.

Helmets and clothing

– Helmets

The use of FIA approved helmets is mandatory.
The presence in the car of the FIA approved helmets used during the competition is required during the technical check-up.

– Clothing

FIA homologated safety clothing is mandatory (fireproof suit, balaclava, gloves, etc.)

– Seats
The seats related to the homologation of the period shown in the form are allowed provided they are in good condition of use and adequately satisfying the original safety features.

– Tanks
Only cars with safety tanks complying with the requirements of Art. 253.14 of Annex J (Safety Fuel Tanks Approved by the FIA) or with standard tanks, will be admitted . Power systems without an electric or mechanical pump must have a clearly marked circuit closing device.

The cars must be equipped with an ACI Sport technical passport and homologation forms or technical data sheet. Cars without the documents listed or registered by non-Italian competitors may be admitted with a declaration of conformity issued by the competitors themselves to the Organizers.

Will not be admitted to participate those cars that, in the opinion of the Stewards on the recommendation of the Technical Commissioners, do not present the general criteria of safety. Complaints and / or appeals against these decisions are not allowed.


Drivers must be in possession of a valid international sports license of category D or higher according to current FIA regulations including the Historic category.
All competitors / drivers must sign a self-certification in which they take responsibility
– the conformity of the car to the technical characteristics of origin
– the use of safety protective clothing as indicated in the regulation

Young Timer Trophy Schedule - Provisional

Friday 20 April 2018

– 09: 00/11: 00 Team entrance

– 12: 35/13: 05 Free practice

– 14: 00/15: 30 hours Sports and technical checks

– 4:00 pm Briefing

Saturday 21 April 2018

– 10 am: 10/10: 40 Qualification tests (mandatory for each driver)

– 3:00 pm Race 1 (eventual Pilot 1)

Sunday 22 April 2018

– 5:30 pm Race 2 (eventual Pilot 2)

– Two drivers per vehicle are allowed – not required. In case of registration of two drivers for each of them must participate compulsory qualifying, under penalty of non-admission to race 1 and race 2.
– The starting grid of race 1 will be determined, for each car, by the best time achieved by any of the two drivers admitted to driving the car.
– During the course of a race the driver change is not allowed. The driver who will start in each race must be declared at least one hour before the start of the race.
– The race 2 starting order will be determined based on the race arrival order 1
– Maximum number of cars allowed: 45
– Type of departure: launched
– Duration of each race: 20 minutes + 1 lap


The ranking will be drawn up on the basis of the arrival order of race 2. The following classifications are foreseen:
– absolute
– of class


– To the first 3 classified of the absolute classification
– To the first 2 classified of class

Young Timer Trophy

The Scuderia del Portello organizes an award ceremony reserved for Alfa Romeo cars present in the race. They will be awarded:
– the 1st Alfa Romeo car classified in absolute terms at the end of race 2
– the 1st Alfa Romeo car classified in each class at the end of the race 2

Participation fee per car
€ 800.00 + VAT = € 976.00

Reservation session of free practice – Friday, April 20, 2018 from 12:35 to 13:05 (duration 30 minutes)
€ 150.00 + VAT = € 183.00

Download the fillable Form to participate in the Young Timer Trophy
Download the fillable Form to book the free practice of Young Timer Trophy