The F1 Grand Prix at Imola has never been “a” race. For 28 times the single-seated cars have deployed on the starting line of a race for true men before than for true drivers.

The Grand Prize of Imola has never been ordinary, from the success of Niki Lauda in the first edition to Piquet’s and Schumacher’s triumphs, going through the national exultation in honor of Patrese and De Angelis. Not banal, Imola’s Gp, even in his bitter aspects, like the fratricidal struggle between Villeneuve and Pironi in 1982 or the tragic and at the same time incredible weekend that in 1994 took off Roland Ratzenberger and then Ayrton Senna.

A challenge, Imola track, which every driver would want to face and that is now made possible by the Motor Legend Festival. The engines with their shattering screams will resume along Santerno and Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus, Brabham and Williams will come back to challenge with compression braking and accelerations in a swirl of colors and emotions. It’s the magic of F1 coming back, lights on stage again.